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Introduction to Diabetes


Diabetes is a disease characterized through the chronic elevation of the glucose present in the blood. It takes place as a result of the body not been able to produce sufficient insulin for its requirements. This may be either because of the impaired insulin action, impaired insulin secretion or maybe because of both. Diabetes can be regarded as a long term situation which causes the sugar levels to go higher. It was estimated in the year 2013 that more than 382 million people were suffering from diabetes all over the world. There are two types of diabetes basically. These include Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2.

Diabetes 1 is less common and it is quite hard to prevent diabetesof this type. In this situation, the body does not create insulin. Almost 10% of all the diabetes cases include type 1 diabetes. The type 2 diabetes is more common. More than 90% of the overall cases of diabetes include type 2 diabetes. In this situation, the body does not create enough insulin for appropriate functioning. Diabetes is a quite dangerous disease and its symptoms must be realized carefully.The person suffering from diabetesis also at risk of other cardiovascular diseases.

How serious is diabetes? Can diabetes be avoided?

Diabetes can be a quite severe disease. It can impact the people severely and often has long-lasting effects. It can be regarded as a severe illness because of its effects. You can’t manage diabeteswhich makes it even serious for you. It can also be regarded as a major contributor to different heart diseases. It can even play a role in producing the risks for kidney diseases, vascular and vessel diseases, vision loss and strokes. The foot infections are the most severe issues caused by Diabetes which makes it even harder to manage diabetes.

Best precautions to prevent diabetes

To manage diabetes, you should make a commitment to prevent it. For this purpose establish a healthy plan for diet. Along with diet, you require a physical activity for a daily routine. The members of the diabetes care and the primary care providers can assist you for this. Also, you should learn the basics regarding diabetes offer your own support throughput the way. You should manage your own condition for this purpose. Smoking must be stopped in diabetes because it can add to the impact of diabetes. The regular test of eyes must be taken to check for the signs of retinal damage.

The vaccines must be up to date as well. In order to manage diabetes, the blood pressures and the cholesterol must be controlled. High blood pressure is dangerous for the blood vessels and the patient of diabetes must control his blood pressure. Along with that, the cholesterol must be kept under control. You should also do regular exercises. Many exercises are useful for this purpose. The doctors can also determine the nutrition of the patients and can suggest the different exercises. You can also take help from the physical trainers for exercises as well.

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