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Lexi Moriarty

Session cost $225.00
About me

Do you struggle with confusion around what to eat? Do you struggle with rigid food rules, bloating/gas, missing/abnormal periods or guilt after episodes of overeating? Are you sick of dieting all your life but confused about what to do instead? Are you constantly fatigued, overthinking your food choices, or just exhausted by your rigid exercise routine? It’s not your fault. We can help. At ENW, we are non-diet dietitians with a focus on eating disorders, intuitive eating, and sports nutrition. We take my clients from a state of not knowing where to start to healing your relationship with food, your body, and living life more freely. We will help you implement a highly personalized nutrition and lifestyle approach that helps you stop obsessing over what, when and how much to eat. After our work together, you will get rid of exhausting food rules and diets so you can have more fun in life and focus on what’s most important to you. If you identify with any of this and are curious about how our approach can help you, simply send me an email so we can schedule a time to chat.


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